Demo 2014

by Paranoid Chant

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Guitar: Hardy
Bass: Mike V
Drums: Silent Mark
Vocals: Abraham


released August 16, 2014

Recorded by Josh Bokemeyer



all rights reserved



Paranoid Chant Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Fast Forward
Looking for time
Desperately searching for more
Where has it all gone?
I feel I'm getting old

Keep thinking of the past
while time moves forward
It's going so damn fast
I'm too obsessed

I need more time
I need so much more
Not ready to reach the end
But it feels so close
I haven't achieved anything
Have I failed?
Track Name: Paranoid Chant
They're out to get me
The truth is out there

Listen to me scream
Hear me yell
Witness my Paranoid Chant
Track Name: Future Generations
We're all just cucks
Watching the world we love get fucked
Don't give a shit about future generations
Instead of feeling shamed
They say "we won't be here anyway"
Not giving a shit about future generations
So self centered in our ways
Hacking and polluting the earth away
Leaving no resources for future generations
Track Name: Inequality
Who are you to say
what people do from day to day
we should all be free
and not in fear of your tyranny
male or female
straight or gay
you should have no say
in marriage or abortion
they're choices we should be free to make

When did these choices become politics?
They don't effect your lives anyway
so why the fuck do you care
about what people do with with their own bodies

We're all humans
and we're all the same
despite your fucked up beliefs and backwards, conservative ways.
Track Name: Close Minded
Why don't you quit talking to me
Your opinions make me cringe
all you do is continue to spew out shit

I'm done debating with you
So attached to your boneheaded thoughts
Can't make a decision on your own
Believing all the garbage you've been taught

If you cross my path again
I won't just show you the way out
I'll kick you through the fucking door

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